Bisexual Research Convention (BiReCon)

Old Refectory, Wadham College, 14.00.

Facebook event here.

None Of Us Is Yet A Robot presents ‘Doodle’ – INTERACTIVE ART

All day, location to be announced.

Facebook event here.

‘Decolonising Queer and Trans’ workshop with Sabah Choudrey

Wadham College Old Refectory, 15.00.

Facebook event here.

De-Whitewashing the Queer Experience Panel – Travis Alabanza, Rainbow Noir, CRAE

Wadham College Old Refectory, 17.00.

Facebook event here.

LGBTQIA Self-Defence, Self Protection and Awareness Seminar

Wadham College Old Refectory, 19.00-21.00.

Facebook event here.

Travis Alabanza Spoken Word Performance

Wadham College Old Refectory, 22.00.

Facebook event here.


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